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Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher

Mckinsey, Aubrey and I were sitting in our classroom, all eagerly awaiting our new substitute teacher to arrive. "I heard they've been using this guy like RIGHT out of college though... cute and actually FIT kind of hot." Mckinsey said.Our faces lit up with excitement as we began to imagine what the new teacher looked like. That's when he walked in. Tall fit and handsome no older than 23. I found myself biting my lip as he walked into the room, crushing on him already.You could imagine my surprise when I heard he was going to go over anatomy with us, that day. It was his first time teaching so we decided to use that to our advantage."Should we draw this up on the chalkboard?" He asked."Oh we're VISUAL learners." We assured him. "We learn by seeing. I think you should show us your chest and abs and just talk us through it. You'd be giving us the best example, this way." The substitute agreed timidly and began unbuttoning his shirt. "Make it exciting.

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